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About my attempts to modify the extinct Filipino writing system known as Baybayin (or Alibata).

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1.) Fred’s Modified Baybayin Styles

- An e-book (PDF) about my suggested modifications for the Baybayin Script.

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- You can now download my Modified Baybayin fonts in TTF format on

3.) Comparative Syllabaries Chart of Fred’s Modified Baybayin Variations

- This is a comparative chart of my various Modified Baybayin styles for different ethnicities in the Philippines.

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Three of my Modified Baybayin Styles were featured in

They are the Maharlikang Tagalog, Alfa-Kinetix and Alfa-larawan Baybayins.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Fred's Alfa-Kinetix & Maharlikang Tagalog featured in San Fransisco, USA

On August 8 or 9, 2009, there was an event in San Fransisco where Christian Cabuay featured two of my Modified Baybayin Font Styles: the Alfa-Kinetix and Maharlikang Tagalog Baybayins. He made a single page print-out copy of my creations. Click the images below:

Friday, July 10, 2009

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